FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates Starting at $275

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A Family Tradition Since 1921

Richmond W. Krebs & Associates LLC is a full-service Professional Land Surveying Company licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi.  We are committed to the professional standards of our industry, providing outstanding customer service and upholding the legacy of our name.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your surveying needs.

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Flood Elevation Certificates

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

The Federal Disaster Protection Act of 1973 requires flood insurance be purchased for any project located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), as a condition of receiving direct or indirect federal funds to purchase and or mortgage the property. Federal funds typically include federally-insured mortgage programs such as Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and Rural Housing loans.  The information provided in the Elevation Certificate is used in underwriting the premium cost of a flood insurance policy.  FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates are also commonly required as part of permitting construction projects and in the process of raising a home’s foundation.

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Surveying in Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Land Surveying in Greater Baton Rouge

The Discipline of Land Surveying includes numerous forms of surveys.  The scope of work or information required as part of the survey determines the actual type of survey needed.  As a Licensed Land Surveying firm, we provide residential and commercial surveying services which concentrate primarily on the following types of surveys:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Re-Subdivision Surveys
  • Builder Packages
    • New Homes
    • Home Additions
    • Raising Foundations
    • No Work Affidavits
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Subdivision Plats

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Builder Packages Construction Surveys

New Construction - Richmond W Krebs & Associates, LLC, Professional Land Surveying in Greater Baton Rouge

A “Builder’s Package” refers to the collective group of construction-related surveying and elevation services required to obtain a building permit and pass necessary inspections as required by local building authorities.

Residential construction can involve many types of projects from traditional new home construction, home additions, and projects to raise a home’s foundation.  For these reasons, Builder Packages are customized and priced for our clients based on the property location and the applicable scope of work requested.

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Field Equipment & Technology

Field Equipment used by RW Krebs & Asscociates, LLC, Professional Land Surveying in Greater Baton Rouge

The land surveying community was one of the first to take advantage of “Global Positioning System” (GPS) technology.  The use of GPS equipment dramatically increased productivity and the accuracy and reliability of field data.  GPS-based data collection is much faster than conventional surveying methods and reduces the amount of equipment and manpower traditionally required in the field.  We use the latest industry technology and are pleased to have recently installed our new Topcon TopNet Live GPS Base Station.

Our field equipment includes: ​

  • Sokkia GPS Units
  • Sokkia Robotic Total Stations
  • Sokkia Total Stations
  • Sokkia Levels
  • Topcon Laser Levels
  • Carlson Surveyor II Data Collectors